Reasons You Need an Event Planner

Let’s say you have a big stressful project dumped on you at work – what would you do? Typically, you would work to break it down piece by piece, figure out how much time you have to complete the pieces, add more people, or get more money to add more people. Right?

In order to pull off a successful event, you need to look at it somewhat like a project with a plan, tasks, and schedule. An event planner is your experienced, star resource. Someone who is excited about your event, prepared for anything, and willing to be your right hand.

Below is a list of reasons you should consider hiring an event planner:

  1. Experience – We’ve been there, done that, we know what can and likely will happen because we have experienced it before. We know what to plan for and what items need more attention than others.
  2. Stress – Events can be very stressful. An event planner can take some or all of that off you by putting together all the details and helping you plan for what might come up.
  3. Plan/Task list – An event planner will put together a list of tasks for you that either you or they can execute. We plan it out in detail, so you don’t have to remember what to include in your event.
  4. Vendor discounts – We know what vendors typically charge and can negotiate based on business relationships or price matching.
  5. Day of – You should have the opportunity to have fun at the event, but typically you are dealing with and stressing over making sure the event is going well for the guests. An event planner can handle all of the components of the event day so you have the best experience.
  6. Design/Decor/Ideas – An event planner is a wealth of creativity. We know the latest trends and how to put together a classy event on a budget.
  7. Budget – Most people think “expense” when they think about an event planner, but a good event planner can actually help decrease costs, stick to a tight budget, and improve the quality of the event.

We offer a wide range of services to help you make the most of your event. Check out our services page for more details!

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