To Drink, or not to Drink

If you are planning an event or considering planning an event, the question will come up – to serve alcohol or not. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider.

champagne glasses


  • Alcohol helps people to relax and be friendly with each other. At most events, people don’t know each other, and liquor helps the conversations to flow and reduce the amount of uncomfortable silence in the room.
  • In some cases and at some types of events, it is expected to have some sort of alcoholic beverage.
  • You can say a lot when you propose a toast that you typically might not be able to say to the guests typically.


  • Alcohol, bartenders, insurance, and possibly licenses can add a lot of cost to an event.
  • Too much can be a bad thing and add drama, stress, fights, property damage, etc.

Most corporate events do not serve alcohol until the networking or after hours. Most weddings do serve alcohol at the reception. However, your event can and should be what you want it to be. Feel free to decide what is best for you, even if others encourage you to go against your wishes.

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