Top Event Planning Tip –

The business of event planning can have it’s ups and downs. There are many joyous moments with guests showing up in awe of what has been setup for them, complimenting the host and then booking their next party with you, putting together a party that makes your customer thrilled, or walking away from a cleaned up venue knowing that you were able to put together the party of the century! But there are also stressful moments of things going wrong or trying to come up with a solution to a problem that wasn’t planned for.

party balloons

Every single event has something that can and will go wrong. The key to successful event planning is to have back up plans and preparations in place for any of these potentials. A good event planner will think through every possibility and come up with a plan for how to handle the situation if it does occur as part of the complete planning process. This can include knowing the right people to contact, having an event planner pack full of safety pins, bandaids, and kleenex on site, or contacting vendors in advance to make sure everything that happens at an event can be taken care of with minimal notice to the guests.

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